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I am a catholic, currently studying business management in the SIM and planning to major in business finance. I am also in Economics society and Investors club

I will be taking real estate courses in July to make some capital so as to fund my investments. Basically, I will be a full time student/full time property agent/part time trader in the mid term.

I enjoy drawing Japanese anime, read mangas and watching anime. I have a large collection of mange titles. I like Japanese music, soothing instrumentals and R&B to keep me energetic.

Traveling is my passion, besides tasting delicacies from around the world; I love nature and like to climb mountains. Snorkeling, scuba and kayaking are among the water activities I enjoy. I am also very fascinated with the Japanese culture and will want to visit the land of the rising sun again.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Team Hoyt

Here's a video i found while surfing, this is really amazing. Dick, the father, has performed his duty as a father exceptionally!! he did not give up on his son, Nick and supported his son's desire to complete a marathon.

Personally, i have been an athlete and sportsman, i know how difficult to do a half marathon, a marathon or an iron man triathalon; it really is no joke. The amount of punishment your body has to endure, our body is really not made to run such distance, it is mental strength that pushes you to complete the race.

This 66 year old man here, Nick Hoyt, he's reason, motivation and love for his son is so great. He brought his son through the iron man's triathalon by dragging Rick through the sea on a boat, cycle and run the entire triathalon for his son. i think his mental strength & love transcends all boundaries, Nick's a personification of agape love. Words aside, please take a look:

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Joanna Wang: an ATM affair

yesterday, when i was waiting for my friend to withdraw cash at the atm at raffles city, i heard a very nice english song it was deep & beautiful and came from the a quaint little cd shop behind the dbs atm machine.

the song turned out to be "Now" by Joanna Wang. this taiwanese songbird has a very unique and deep voice- and guess what? shes only 19!

personally, i love blues and jazz so her song was a treat for me. so far, i haven't seen many taiwanese female singer with a combination of deep voice, perfect english and perfect jazz.

i personally think that shes like a taiwan version of Norah Jones or Yoko Kanno.

these are the reviews by other taiwanese artistes:

David Tao
Joanna 的才能是上帝賜給他的天份。而我們的耳朵也終於有福份,可以聽到一個有靈魂的聲音。
她讓我想起了The Beatles, Linda Ronstadt,讓我想起很久以前那個最初的自己。
讓我們聽歌的耳朵一邊被沁透,一邊生出溫熱。joanna. 她的聲音,真是美得不得了。

heres the video of "Now" but the chinese rendition really doesn't do her justice, go get her cd, REMEMBER; its JOANNA WANG!

here's her vid and my imeem player should be playing her soothing songs.


another of my recommendation, "The best mistake i've ever made"

Friday, March 14, 2008

Onemanga.com : site to fulfill your weekly manga needs!

Bleach 32 is out in singapore, it is basically about the epic battle between Ichigo & Grimm Jaw.

* try onemanga.com for your weekly naruto-bleach-one piece chapters!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ever heard of Microsoft Surface? Think minority report.

i dont know if you ever hear about the term microsoft surface, it's not new stuff and i only heard of it recently. But trust me, it will still blow your socks off. Welcome to a new era of surface computing.

possibilities of the surface

review on micrsoft surface

Sunday, March 2, 2008

COSPLAY- for better or worse?

i have always been intrigued and amazed by japanese culture especially anime and manga. for the singaporeans who are into anime and sorts will probably know about cosplaying. here are some of the cosplay pics which i had collected online, some impressive and others- downright ghastly.

*note that some male characters are actually female cosplayers, yes they are amazing...

saber from fate/ stay night. sweet & demure..

rei ayanami & asuka langsley souryu from neon genesis evangelion

cloud strife from FF VII: advent children , shes a girl

your favourite neighbourhood ninja from naruto

ban from get backers, how many gatsby did she sacrifice for the urchin head?

meer from gundam seed destiny. pink hair never looked better

ok those were the breath takers, now for the show stoppers...

this is lacus, a female character from gundam seed whos supposed to look like meer, the pink hair girl above, somehow i am sure you will agree with me that its not just a color problem

hey, i am not racist or anything but this is going too far, rei's my favourite female anime character

sailor pops,as mentioned by a fellow blogger, this phenomena was seen in a public audition at US Central Animecon in 2002 and it wasn't repeated.

gundam box, who says one cannot cosplay on a shoestring budget?

hope you are not asthmatic,in any case, i am not responsible for it

Saturday, March 1, 2008

local series confirmed... title is

be careful people, i fell off my chair when i saw this picture

the other promo picture...

by the way i got this from a facebook group:)

Friday, February 29, 2008

楊宗緯 aka Aska Yang

Aska Yang(楊宗緯) is one of the participant in the taiwan talent show, 超级星光大道。He is a very fantastic singer and i was bought over when i heard his rendition of 曹格's 背叛 and 万方's 新不了情. Other than the fact that i like melancholic songs, the main reason was that he has very powerful vocals.

Due to falsely reporting his age, 22 instead of 28, he voluntarily chose to leave the competition, which he would most probably won. Fortunately, he gained immense popularity throught this competition. Subsequently, he was signed on by warner music and his cd is available in Singapore.


enjoy his songs

楊宗緯's rendition of 新不了情

楊宗緯's rendition of 背叛

on an unrelated note, a spoof of 背叛